How it Works

1. Set Up Your Account.

Campaign finance experts help you set up your account, a link to process credit cards and merge your online financial accounts and payment sources.

2. Receive donations and spend money.

When you receive a donation or make an expenditure it is entered into your report in real time.

Alerts let you know when data is missing so you can monitor campaign finance limits and be alerted to potential errors that will trigger error notices and fines from your jurisdiction's election agency.


3. File your reports.

Blitzfile creates your report in the layout specific for your jurisdiction.

You can file with confidence that your report is accurate and complete.


Quickly access donor data.

Improve communication with donors.

Pay your staff and vendors.


File accurate reports.

Save valuable time.

Get your questions answered.

Avoid fines.

Powerful technology.
Expert advice. Our solutions are designed to take the pain out of campaign finance.