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Delivering campaign finance software to everyone

Campaign finance software is the future of campaigns and we are working rapidly to make sure it is accessible to you. Spreadsheets are a pain and easy to make a mistake with and those mistakes can results in fines from the FEC. Storing your donations, contributions, reports, and donor contact information in one place can drastically improve campaign efficiency. We are here to support leaders and make your life easier.

As we grow, Blitzfile is becoming approved in new states to meet each states individual finance laws. We are currently, approved for federal PACs and candidates along with Michigan, Florida, Illinois, and Virginia PACs and candidates. We are diligently working to get approved in all 50 states.

In a technological world, it is important to make sure you are working smarter not harder on your campaign. With Blitzfile, you can dedicate more time to getting your message out there and campaigning while we take care of the finances. Blitzfile clients achieve their goals and amplify their campaigns with much more ease.

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